How to use the site

A detailed explanation of everything about the site and how to use it

Site information pages

Home Front interface only to view the site and keep you informed of the features

Explain the site It is the page you are viewing now and there are explanations on the site and its sections

Generate cards A page dedicated to extracting or generating fake cards in which there is no money, just for testing, registering with them, or using them on platforms that do not accept registration unless you put a payment card number such as Free Lancer, Up to Work and others

Test regular cards A page dedicated to testing fake card numbers that were extracted through us or through any other website, and the entered cards do not have any money and are semi-fake that cannot be dealt with in buying or selling and the purpose of using them in platforms as mentioned in the generation of cards

Test the cards for spam The most important page in terms of use, it targets several real platforms to test cards on. All cards that appear valid on this page are allowed to be used in purchases by card payment

Site memberships

Free All website visitors can browse and generate or test regular cards only. A visitor or a free membership holder can use the spam tests only five times a day

Gold Memberships All the benefits of a free membership, but the holder of a premium membership can test their Facebook cards with an infinite number of attempts